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We help our clients succeed in today's hiring environment.


We provide personalized, 1x1 consulting services to help our clients succeed during important career transitions and advancements. We provide tailored solutions ranging from application strategy and guidance to interview preparation and offer negotiation. Our team is 100% U.S.-based, and we work with customers in all geographic locations.

The hiring landscape is rapidly changing. Our consultants bring their broad experience and in-depth knowledge of today's hiring environment to help position our clients for success. 

Each of our client's situations is unique. That why the first step in getting started is to schedule a 1x1 free consultation with one of our career consultants. The call typically lasts 15-20 minutes, and it helps us understand your situation. We'll then put together a plan and provide a quote for the cost of our services.


Application Assistance

Application Follow-up

Career Promotions

Federal Employment

Industry Transitions

Interview Preparation

Job Research

Job Targeting

Military Transitions

Offer Negotiation

Remote Work Transitions

Social Networking

And More



Education, Federal Government, Finance, Healthcare, Information Technology, Insurance, Management, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Services, State and Local Government, Utilities, and more.


We serve clients in all geographic locations in the United States and Canada. We are based in North Carolina, but we work with clients in all areas of North America via phone, email, and video chat. 

100% U.S. BASED

All of our career consultants, writers, management team, and developers are based in the U.S.A.



Flexible services. Simple, transparent pricing.



2 hours of consulting

+$60 per additional hour

For professionals with

0 to 5 years

of experience



3 hours of consulting

+$90 per additional hour

For professionals with

5 to 15 years

of experience



3 hours of consulting

+$120 per additional hour

For professionals with

15+ years

of experience


Which service package should I select? 

You don't need to decide that, now. The first step for any client is to schedule a call with one of our consultants. We'll help you determine which service package fits your situation (be it, entry level, mid level, or executive level). We'll also discuss what services we'll offer for your unique situation.

What services will be includes in my purchase?

We provide a wide variety of consulting services based on your unique needs. See a list of common services we provide here. When you schedule a free introductory call with us, we'll go over what specific services are best suited to meet your unique situation. 

How many hours will I need to purchase? 

2 hours of consulting covers the needs of most entry level clients' situations, and 3 hours of consulting covers the needs of most mid- and executive-level clients' situations. However, each client's circumstances are unique, and we discuss how many hours we'll likely need to complete your consulting engagement during our free introductory call



Getting started is easy and begins with a free introductory phone call.

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with one of our career consultants. Click here to find a time that works for both of our schedules.

Step 2

Review Your Situation

We'll get to know your situation, discuss the services we provide, and answer any questions you might have.

Step 3

Begin Consulting

We create a plan for your situation and a quote for the cost. You provide payment, and we get to work.

Additional FAQs

When do I provide payment? 

You provide payment after we've had our first free introductory call. Before you provide payment, we give you an idea of what services we'll provide and what objectives we aim to accomplish.

What guarantees do you offer? 

We want you to see actual results! If you don't achieve your desired outcome, we'll offer two free additional hours of consulting at no additional charge. Those two free additional hours may be with the same consultant or a different consultant, depending on your situation.

Has your consulting worked for your clients? 

Yes! Read our reviews and success stories on our reviews page

What customer reviews can you share? 

We have hundreds of 5-star reviews! Check out our reviews page for more details. 

What if I don't use all the hours of consulting?

Our Entry Level package requires a minimum payment of 2 hours of consulting, and our Mid and Executive Level packages require a minimum payment of 3 hours of consulting. If you purchase more hours above that but don't use them, we'll provide a pro-rata refund rounded to the nearest full hour. 

Do you write resumes and cover letters? 

TopStack Careers is designed to offer 1x1 consulting services and does not focus on document preparation. Your consultant may offer revisions and modifications to any existing documents you have. However, if you need documents prepared (resumes, cover letters) and LInkedIn profile updates, we offer that through our sister-site TopStack Resume

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

Schedule a time to chat with one of our career consultants. The call is free, and we'd be happy to go over any and all questions you have. 


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100% of our writers, management team, and developers are based in the U.S.A. 

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